Saturday, November 6, 2010


I know I'm on a fashion diet but it doesn't hurt to lust, I mean look. Kate Spade has some of the most beautiful, simple, chic and classic shoes right now. Why oh why do they all have to be 300.00 and up! Ugh! But this is what I have been preaching about. I could buy several Kate Spade shoes and handbags or one Chanel 2.55 like I've been dreaming of. Which is the smarter use of 2500.00 dollars? How many chances will I get to wear all these high heal shoes. The bag I can use every day. Hmmm. Kate Spade Licorice 298.00

These next images are from the Kate Spade spring 2011 collection. I DIE!

Bright Evangeline 395.00

Tipsy flat 198.00

Kaleidoscope necklace 298.00

I don't know what this is but I will own it! I can not resist a hot pink shot of color! I love
the Chanel feel to it! Why do you torture me!

I will own this too! Its cheeky color on a very utilitarian shape cross body is sooo Good!
Scout 395.00

It also comes in this yummy coral color and an acid green I liked too.
This one is the small Scout, 295.00

Need I say more? Tweed Robin 245.00

I also have been lusting over these shoes for a while although I doubt I will buy them. I have to
save my money for all those purses!
Licorice 298.00

If I were to buy one it would be these.
Casie 298.00

I love a nude shoe.

Chariot 398.00

I through these LAMB shoes in for good measure. Love these too. but a bit too high for my life style. How often will I wear them and at 398.00 I'd rather have one of Kate purses.

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