Saturday, May 22, 2010


The City Grill I actually got to get out tonight with real adults! I had forgotten how the other half lived. It was so nice to go into a chic bar filled with all sorts of young single groups of people at happy hour. Every one checking every one else out. I felt human again, like my own self not just someones maid, cook and master butt wiper. The restaurant is the highest in Portland and has nearly 360 view. We watched the storms come in miles before they reached us. It's just awesome. And they have great cocktails, service and food!
Tonight I wore my CP shades yoko shirt, J Crew studio blazer, William Rast jeans, Nine West shoes and Silpada jewelery. I broke out my favorite handbag of all , my Louis Vuitton!

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Original shirt I had posted earlier about the CP Shades Yoko shirt and how the lovely manager at one of my favorite boutiques had cut off the bottom of hers to make it instantly more chic and wearable.
well I did to mine, and if my husband found out I cut off the bottom of a 187.00 dollar shirt he would - well, lets say, not understand. Here's what I did.
still in its original condition, I measured to desired length. In this case it was 4inches for the front and about 3.5in in the back.

I measured from the hem up at the side seam and cut.

Yep, I must be nuts but no turning back now. I cut across to the other side seam, making sure not to cut perfectly straight. I used a pin in the center to make sure I was still at 4in all the way but sort of made wavy cuts here and there.

I repeated this on the back but I made it about an inch and a half longer. This gave it more of a shirt tail hem look. I then put it into the washer inside out to make it frey and air dried it.

The final product
I love the way it turned out!FEW!!
It had too much volume on the bottom and this lightens it up so much.
jeans AE
shoes Calvin Kline
necklace Silpada

Friday, May 7, 2010


I know, I know another white linen shirt! And this looks a lot like the CP Shades tux dress but I have a good reason, no really I do.Ok not really. I went into one of my favorite boutiques and the lovely sales woman, who may be the owner, I'm not sure, was wearing this shirt with a black blazer and black leggings but she had cut off the bottom of the shirt a few inches in a jagged raw hem. It was all frayed and look so cool, like she had had it for years. I had to order mine from the CP Shades store in Soho NY. I don't know if I can bring myself to cut up a 189.00( with shipping).I think I will ask her to help me and I will keep you posted.
love the pin tuck detail.
CP Shades runs really big this is an ex small.

I can see why she cut it off a bit. It is a tad long, not a dress and not a shirt.

I went out today and paired my vintage flannel shit with my J Crew navy blazer.
Frye shoes
William Rast jeans

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Night On The Town Cirque du Soleil Style

Before, what I normally dress like

After, what I wish I had more opportunity to dress like.

Abercrombie jean jacket
J Crew long constellation? sweater
J Crew silk wisteria dress which I later spilled beer on, then tried to fix it by blotting it with water and ended up making it much worse!
vintage boots
Dolce and Gabbana bag

Out side the amazing Cirque du Soleil tents holding our tickets.

9.00 beer and 8.00 sparkling wine, well at least it was in a cute glass.

Popcorn and sweet sparkling wine a winning combination!" hey back away from my popcorn!"