Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I have longed for this Balenciaga motorcycle jacket since the first time I saw it on
all of those lucky, lucky fashion editors. This version shown above, with bright silver zippers, is
the one I really wanted but by the time I came to my spending senses it has been sold out for many years. I could have bought this back then if I had just stopped spending my money on clothes that I don't even remember a few years ago and I could have made my jacket lust into a reality.
The truth is I didn't even think that a "commoner" like my self could even buy one of these. I thought you had to be on some secret waiting list and if you were not an elite member of the fashion society your name went to the bottom.
So many years later I have realized that quality is so much more rewarding than quantity. This is not a new concept, we've been reading it for years in fashion articles, it just took some time to sink in. And its not easy to stop buying tons of stuff and save for that one well made special item that you know will last a life time and not just get thrown out a few years later. Its been hard, so many shiny new things have caused me to fall off the wagon.
So my first item on my dream list is a Balenciaga motorcycle jacket. No it does not have the exact zippers that I wanted but I got it from a very reputable seller on ebay and I saved 600.00.
I love this jacket so much that I would have liked any zipper color on it. And I did I mention I saved 600.00. I could buy the Louis Vuitton scarf that's on my list and have money left over for a pair of Kate Spade shoes!

The dream is finally a reality! I just wanted to say I that I had to sell a ton of clothes,
jewelry, handbags, and shoes to help pay for this. Not to mention the garage sale I had over the summer! It was totally worth it. The short term "high" I got from a new purchase would some times quickly fade but with this I feel the "high" every time I put it on! I have been collecting leather jackets for years but I'm not sure I will be reaching for them any more.
They all seem so....Ordinary.

I love, love this look and have admire it often. Its just so simple but so chic! The Balenciaga jacket totally makes this look and her beauty! Oh and I love the big glamours earrings too.
Target t shirt
Abercrombie jeans
my new Nine West leopard pumps
I would like to own this khaki color too. I will be looking for one on ebay, preferably with the
black zippers.

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