Friday, November 19, 2010


Well it was bound to happen. I fell off my fashion diet. If I didn't buy all this stuff listed I would have my Louis Vuitton scarf by now. I feel so guilty! But not so guilty that I return all of it. Gucci Guilty

At least now I can smell how I feel.

I finally got the J Crew Martha necklace! I had to wait a year but I finally got it while
they were running a 25% off promotion and I used my 50.00 rewards coupon! I love it so much! It's the second from the bottom.

1st is Tiffany

2nd vintage Weiss

3rd J Crew

4th J crew

last that is partially shown also by J Crew

Aritiza sweater

Love the nautical buttons on the shoulder

My love for all things military.
Aritiza army shirt.

I plan on putting a vintage Canada travel patch on the back.

My new favorite graphic Tee.

Urban Outfitters

I have longed for a leopard coat/jacket sense I saw Kate Moss with one and I'm not a fan
of the faux fur ones they keep showing every where. I just feel like I'm wearing a stuffed animal. I started to feel like maybe I wasn't bold enough to wear one, Until today! I love, love this jacket by Ann Taylor! For one thing it's not fur it's boiled wool. The cut and fit is very retro yet modern. The colors are muted and the leopard print is just done soo well. It looks like Dolce and Gabbana. It look really expensive and sort of was at 228.00. But I used the friends and family coupon and got 30% off.

This is what I wore to the mall today. I posted it because so many people kept asking me about my sweater. Alas it is by Ruehl and they are no longer in business. Soo sad to because I loved their clothes. Now I have to find them on ebay.

sweater Rueh
t shirt urban outfitters
necklace J Crew
jeans American Eagle
boots Frye
bag Gucci

Test run

I like the grey hoodie with it but not too sure about the fur collar.

Trying out my new glasses.

My hair looks like crap.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I believe I have professed my love for this woman's style before. She always has the most amazing jackets mixed with very wearable basics. I'm pretty sure she and other editors have been the catalyst for my jacket/blazer obsession.

Why doesn't my hair look super cool all stringy and messy? I tried this and it just ends up looking dirty and greasy.

I found this jacket at Zara when I was in London and nearly fell over! Finally the Emmanuelle blazer I have lusted over! While it's not navy and not Balmain it is as close as I'm going to get.
It originally had boring black buttons but I replaced them with gold military buttons!

It also had no functional buttons on the sleeves. I had all these vintage small crest buttons that I've been saving for years. I had those sewn on the the sleeves too. As shown above. I often find things and add my own touch, like pins, patches or a snip here and there. It can make all the difference in the world like with this jacket. My mom is the one who sewed the buttons on for me but you can find a tailor to do the same. This blazer turned out so well we now want to do it to more of my jackets!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I love the military trend and no one has done it better this year than Burberry!

Pictures from

I found this amazing military jacket at BEBE. It is made out of a very authentic feeling thick wool felt.The extensive tailoring and detailed gold buttons make this jacket look really expensive! It has princess shoulders but not soo big that it screams 2009,
( that's when this big shoulder thing started and I have never really bought into it. It will eventually make us all go "ugh that's so dated").

I folded mine back and used an old Fendi pin I had to pin back the other side.

I really think its as good as your going to get for under 200.00.

Sorry these photos are not very good. So dark and cold here now, not a lot of natural light.
I don't have a picture that turned out of the back but it is really detailed! You must check it out on line to see all of the detail.
Jacket BEBE
t shirt Urban outfitters
Jeans J crew
shoes Nine west

Saturday, November 6, 2010


I know I'm on a fashion diet but it doesn't hurt to lust, I mean look. Kate Spade has some of the most beautiful, simple, chic and classic shoes right now. Why oh why do they all have to be 300.00 and up! Ugh! But this is what I have been preaching about. I could buy several Kate Spade shoes and handbags or one Chanel 2.55 like I've been dreaming of. Which is the smarter use of 2500.00 dollars? How many chances will I get to wear all these high heal shoes. The bag I can use every day. Hmmm. Kate Spade Licorice 298.00

These next images are from the Kate Spade spring 2011 collection. I DIE!

Bright Evangeline 395.00

Tipsy flat 198.00

Kaleidoscope necklace 298.00

I don't know what this is but I will own it! I can not resist a hot pink shot of color! I love
the Chanel feel to it! Why do you torture me!

I will own this too! Its cheeky color on a very utilitarian shape cross body is sooo Good!
Scout 395.00

It also comes in this yummy coral color and an acid green I liked too.
This one is the small Scout, 295.00

Need I say more? Tweed Robin 245.00

I also have been lusting over these shoes for a while although I doubt I will buy them. I have to
save my money for all those purses!
Licorice 298.00

If I were to buy one it would be these.
Casie 298.00

I love a nude shoe.

Chariot 398.00

I through these LAMB shoes in for good measure. Love these too. but a bit too high for my life style. How often will I wear them and at 398.00 I'd rather have one of Kate purses.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


As I posted earlier I went to London on holiday and while I was there I got really, really, I mean really sick. I missed an entire 70 degree day of shopping and high tea at a super fancy hotel with a friend of mine! I was soo sick that I didn't care. I could barely get off the bathroom floor. The next morning when some of the nausea had faded, I still didn't want to move off the bed but I forced my self to get up and get out! It was my last day in London and I only had a few hours to my self for sight seeing( well visiting all the stores I have read about). I, at this point, was relieved that I hadn't bought much in London. So in a weak and dehydrated state I headed for Selfridge's department store.
That was a big Mistake! This is what happens when you should be in bed recovering-your not right in the head!
I suddenly thought I was rich and bought a pair of Balenciaga wedges!
But when I tried them on they made me feel soo much better.I was totally high! And it was late in the day and I hadn't eaten for over 24hours and the Selfridge shoe department is legendary and there was all these beautiful chic women buying shoes all around me. I just got caught up in the glamour of it all!
But they really are beautiful! And after my husband's face returned to its original color, I don't regret the purchase. In fact I am so glad I have such an amazing souvenir to remember London.
I have worn them here and strangers were coming up to complement my shoes.

This goes back to the quality and not quantity thing. These shoes are so special and wearable
they make a Target t shirt and jeans look amazing yet effortless.

super comfortable too.

Next, I had been watching these Balenciaga "lego" shoes on ebay for a while and snatched
them up before they were gone. I paid 170.00 for them and I think they must have retailed for at least 600.00 or more a few years ago. They are real attention grabbers! Not real comfortable though but with a few inserts they should be fine for a party.
These count on my fashion diet, quality and luxury high horse thing I'm on, right?

NEXT,but not last...

These are the Nine West pony hair leopard pumps I got a Nordstroms. They are not on
my fashion budget. I used a 20.00 nordstroms note to bring the price down to 60.00 so not to bad of a slip. Besides the ones I really want and are waiting to go on sale are by LAMB. They are leopard too but are more night time and much higher.