Friday, November 19, 2010


Well it was bound to happen. I fell off my fashion diet. If I didn't buy all this stuff listed I would have my Louis Vuitton scarf by now. I feel so guilty! But not so guilty that I return all of it. Gucci Guilty

At least now I can smell how I feel.

I finally got the J Crew Martha necklace! I had to wait a year but I finally got it while
they were running a 25% off promotion and I used my 50.00 rewards coupon! I love it so much! It's the second from the bottom.

1st is Tiffany

2nd vintage Weiss

3rd J Crew

4th J crew

last that is partially shown also by J Crew

Aritiza sweater

Love the nautical buttons on the shoulder

My love for all things military.
Aritiza army shirt.

I plan on putting a vintage Canada travel patch on the back.

My new favorite graphic Tee.

Urban Outfitters

I have longed for a leopard coat/jacket sense I saw Kate Moss with one and I'm not a fan
of the faux fur ones they keep showing every where. I just feel like I'm wearing a stuffed animal. I started to feel like maybe I wasn't bold enough to wear one, Until today! I love, love this jacket by Ann Taylor! For one thing it's not fur it's boiled wool. The cut and fit is very retro yet modern. The colors are muted and the leopard print is just done soo well. It looks like Dolce and Gabbana. It look really expensive and sort of was at 228.00. But I used the friends and family coupon and got 30% off.

This is what I wore to the mall today. I posted it because so many people kept asking me about my sweater. Alas it is by Ruehl and they are no longer in business. Soo sad to because I loved their clothes. Now I have to find them on ebay.

sweater Rueh
t shirt urban outfitters
necklace J Crew
jeans American Eagle
boots Frye
bag Gucci

Test run

I like the grey hoodie with it but not too sure about the fur collar.

Trying out my new glasses.

My hair looks like crap.

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