Monday, September 24, 2012


 I have proclaimed my love for Emmanuelle Alt's style before but now I am in love with her daughters style. Which probably has more to do with the fact that she has her own built in stylist. If it were up to the little girl, given the choice, would she pick Burberry or sweats with princesses on them? We'll never know, nor do I care.So I'll start with baby steps and work my way up to her mothers style.
I'll take inspiration where I can get it.

I shopped my closet for this classic french look. It's nothing new but still one of my favorite looks.
coat J Crew
tee Style Mint
jeans Lucky Brand
shoes Payless( her's are probly Lanvin)

Saturday, September 22, 2012


This is the lamest blog. I took a year off and didn't know if I would return. I will try this time to post with better quality and not quantity.We'll see if it sticks.

Lets start with our annual pilgrimage to Las Vegas.
 4 hours earlier.... fresh and sober.
 Had dinner on the strip at Paris hotel.

 We had the most amazing view of the Bellaigo hotel fountain.
 The next day, thank God for Rock star!
 Went to see Gold and Silver pawn shop from the TV show Pawn Stars.

We then made the mistake we could walk back to the strip from the pawn shop in 2,000degree heat instead of taking a cab. It was a lot farther than we thought.
 But we got to see every Vegas chapel you could think of.
 The drive through chapel was my favorite.

 After a long and hot walk we needed a drink!
 Two different shoe options. Above studded?
 Or red stilettos.

 Did some gambling. It went well.

 Visited the gardens at the Bellaigo hotel.

Ok, thats enough fun for one year!
tux jacket H&M,jeans Lucky brand, red shoes Guess, bag Chanel
packable jacket Mackage, jean shorts old levis
camo jeans Target, tee Zara, shoes Guess, coat Mackage.
bracelets Silpada, Tiffany, Stella and Dot