Saturday, November 26, 2011


My parents took our kids for the day and when the children are away the parents will......go shopping for a new toaster? Yep that's what we did, in a super rain storm. But any excuse to wear leopard and lots of jewels. I had to add chunky boots on account of all the rain. This is such a boring post.

Got to go!

Loft jacket, LNA tee, J Crew necklace, American Eagle jeans, vintage boots, Louis Vuitton scarf.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


On my way out to a meeting about which is better- generic or brand name peas. wanted to wear my sequins more and not just for parties. I pared a navy stripe oxford with a J Crew sequin tee and Abercrimbie jeans. Old J Crew D'Orsay shoes but it looked good with a pair of ballet flat too. I would love to wear this with the J Crew pink suede Mona pumps and I think those are next on my list.

And just in case that was not enough sparkle I wore it with the J Crew blue crystal brulee necklace.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Since I have nothing new to post today I decided to post what I wear out. That is when they let me out of my tower. I decided to wear only older items from my collection. I feel guilty when the shiny new things get all of the attention. And I prove to myself that these were good investments.

The oldest is the Stuwart Weitzman shoes. I bought them around '90 or '91 and they have been sitting in a box waiting for 3inch heels, pointy toes, and patent leather all to come back in fashion.Many times I went to sell these on ebay and just couldn't do it. It was one of my first big purchases of my late teen life. And now I am glad I didn't. I got so many compliments on these shoes.

The rest are just old J Crew items that prove over and over how the classics are always a safe bet. J Crew Lexington jacket, J Crew men's shirt, and J crew belt.

I added some "J Crew" sparkle by layering the Martha necklace over the crystal brule necklace.
Sorry this photo sucks.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I have been collecting new and vintage large stone crystal necklaces ever since I saw Jenna Lyons on the martha stewart show in 2009. I am defiantly one of those people who, when find something they love, they just keep buying various versions of it year after year. Like military jackets or jean jackets or stripe shirts get the point.

One person I have seen wearing big chunky crystal necklaces for many years now is the great Anna Wintour. Anna also was layering these babies ages ago and continues to do so.

I recently bought several of the J Crew Crystal brulee necklaces. Yes, I nearly peed my self when I saw them and all the yummy colors they came in. I will own every color! So when J Crew was doing one of those 25% off promotions I snatched them up. The pink one I will buy with my rewards card.

I am loving them with tone on tone and layered.

blazer vintage J Crew

shirt J Crew

necklaces vintage and J Crew blue Crystal brulee

Earlier I purchased the Crystal brulee statement necklace and paired it with the rose crystal brulee necklace.

This is what started it all! Jenna came on wearing the most amazing collection sequin shirt an paired it with more shine with huge crystal necklaces topped off with denim! I still watch this clip from the Martha Sewart show and love every minuet of it. If you go to the Martha Stewart and put in, Jenna lyons, in the search bar the clip will come up. I highly recommend watching it for some Holiday inspiration.

Above Jenna is wearing the crystal Martha necklace and another one I forget its name.

This is my recreation of that outfit.

J Crew martha necklace

J Crew crystal brulee in crystal

J Crew jacket

Loft sequin vest

Aritiza shirt

My growing collection


A- Ding,