Thursday, June 2, 2011


One of my inspirations for fall is the "Dude" from the movie The Big Lebowski. His sweater is a vintage Pendleton and made here in my state, Oregon.

You can find these on ebay pretty easy but they'll cost you. This one is for sale right now from the ebay store Fasin Frank. I will own one someday just have to wait for the right one to come up.

My next fall pick is from Textile by Elizabeth and James. I love love this look.

I will own these jeans!!! I love the jacket too but I have a similar sweater that would work.

The one below is by Ruhle( RIP) and it will look sooo good with these jeans! I love that the color is not a bright red but a soft brick red, so much more wearable.

I die over this fir vest by Elizabeth and James fall 2011 line. The whole line is very Bohemian lux!

love this shirt by Textile by E and J.

Amazing tee with leather sleeves!

Elizabeth and James

Love the jacket!

E and J

This is from the Elizabeth and James show room. I will take one of each please!

I have been looking for a camel jacket since last fall and I think I found it with this 3.1 Philip lim

coat. I love the slight military feel and the cool detail on the sleeve. I have this on pre-order at Nordstroms. We'll see if it works, you never know until you try it on.

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