Saturday, May 7, 2011


I was so excited to get to the warm weather in Las Vegas It was hard to choose just a few of my favorite flowy clothes. Unfortunately it was freezing cold! I literally had to wear the same thing all weekend and all these pretty pearls never even got unpacked! What a bummer! But we still had a good time.

 thankfully I did bring a few jackets, I even had to lone one to a friend who went with us because she too packed for warm weather. And, yes I checked the weather on my i phone but it changed drastically by time we got there.

My bag was weighed down by SHOES!

Here are some pics of my trip.

The amazing City Center mall.


and inside, in front of these ice sculptures.

On my way to do some shopping! I hit up All Saints at the Cosmopolitan.

I tried on a bunch of stuff! I did not buy any thing but instead ordered what I wanted on their online store to avoid the 8% sales tax.

This skirt was flying off the shelf! So pretty so Las Vegas not so pretty for Oregon.

I bought this sweater.

and this one too,

I really wanted this one but I kind of have a grey stripe cardigan.

Exploring the Bellaigo hotel gardens.

Drinks and dinner at the Bellagio!

Soo good I had two...ok three.

After drinks! really cool outdoor bar outside of Ceasers Palace.

No trip is complete with out a visit to a strip club WITH GIANT STRIPERS!

my husband made me get up there and I did not want to do it because the whole bar was looking at us, all 20 of them. So I did it, reluctantly and then they asked us to leave.

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