Thursday, February 17, 2011


Well the Kate Spade spring line finally arrived! The pink is sooo much more hot pink than in these pictures. Ok, I know the Louis Vuitton charm doesn't really go, but I do think it would look good with some sort of charm.

Kate Spade small scout bag.

Ok its not summer yet but my bedroom is a balmy 75 degrees.

shirt H&M
pants old
shirt H&M
shorts GI
shoes Ash
Trying out my new J Brand shiny jeans.I have always wanted leather jeggings but I don't think I would have enough opportunities to wear them to justify the cost of them . These look like leather but are more casual and not hundreds of dollars. I also got them on sale!
Boho meets rocker meets classic?
Kate Spade small gold coast
jens pirate booty shirt
shoes payless

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