Saturday, January 29, 2011


I decided to show off some of my favorite ebay finds I have collected. All of these blazers I have wanted when they came out but just didn't buy them for one reason or another and have regretted it ever since. So I search ebay for a second chance.

This first one was the hardest to find but so worth it. It is the J Crew wool Oxford jacket from 2007 fall catalog. One of the best catalogs ever I might add. I soo regret not buying more from it. It took months of waiting for this to come up for auction.

I just love it and it is now treated like a museum piece.

the second is also from 2007-08 catalogs its the Lexington jacket. I remember trying this on in the store and not buying it. Stupid! I am on the hunt for this in the white and yellow color combo. This jacket is soo well made, I wish they would re-issue it.

The hand painted buttons are a real treasure and makes this look like couture.

This is an old Bebe velvet military blazer I found on ebay also. I don't know what year it's from, probably around 2006. Its greatly detailed and I wear it all the time. I never stop loving the military look.

J Crew solid Lexington blazer.
I put this jacket in again because I also got this from ebay. I remember not being bold enough to wear this color and buy it in 2007 when it was in stores. I am so happy to have found it recently and for only 54.00!
Now when I look at the J Crew catalog I try to predict what items I love but hesitate on buying because of money or lack of a place to wear them or just to fancy for my lifestyle and I think of these blazers. what will I be searching for on ebay next?

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