Sunday, November 11, 2012


One of my favorite new fall purchases' is my Isabel Marant Etoile pants.
They make your legs and butt look really good! I plan on buying these in pink and red!Well maybe just red...
This is a  dark teal blue and acts, really, as a jean would. It seemed to match perfectly with last year's J Crew schoolboy velvet blazer.
 I think a bright shoe like these from J Crew would look sooo much better with this than the black ones I'm wearing and hope to own this shoe someday.
A girl can dream..
Or thse...

These are a french 38 and a bit big on me and will probably get bigger as I wear them but the 36 was a bit snug so I went with bigger.

I was just messing around with them to see what I could pare them with.
A chunky sweater and beatle boots?

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