Saturday, January 29, 2011


I decided to show off some of my favorite ebay finds I have collected. All of these blazers I have wanted when they came out but just didn't buy them for one reason or another and have regretted it ever since. So I search ebay for a second chance.

This first one was the hardest to find but so worth it. It is the J Crew wool Oxford jacket from 2007 fall catalog. One of the best catalogs ever I might add. I soo regret not buying more from it. It took months of waiting for this to come up for auction.

I just love it and it is now treated like a museum piece.

the second is also from 2007-08 catalogs its the Lexington jacket. I remember trying this on in the store and not buying it. Stupid! I am on the hunt for this in the white and yellow color combo. This jacket is soo well made, I wish they would re-issue it.

The hand painted buttons are a real treasure and makes this look like couture.

This is an old Bebe velvet military blazer I found on ebay also. I don't know what year it's from, probably around 2006. Its greatly detailed and I wear it all the time. I never stop loving the military look.

J Crew solid Lexington blazer.
I put this jacket in again because I also got this from ebay. I remember not being bold enough to wear this color and buy it in 2007 when it was in stores. I am so happy to have found it recently and for only 54.00!
Now when I look at the J Crew catalog I try to predict what items I love but hesitate on buying because of money or lack of a place to wear them or just to fancy for my lifestyle and I think of these blazers. what will I be searching for on ebay next?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Thank god January is over! I am so glad the love month is here! I used to think a whole month devoted to stupid Valentines day was well, stupid! And my husband and I used to avoid it like the plague. But now after having my girls I "love" it! A whole month devoted to pink And any Holiday that focuses on chocolate is ok in my book. My husband and still don't celebrate it for us but for the children we go all out! So I am going to try to wear lots of pink this month, for the girls of course. This is a "vintage" J Crew Lexington jacket I had to find on ebay.
I got a really good deal; 54.00 and in perfect condition. I was so stupid
not to buy up all the colors in this jacket. I Wish they would bring it back.

I love the fit and the hand painted red and pink buttons are so chic.
jeans Khols
shoes nine west
This J Crew striped sequin tee in neon rose I failed to buy last summer and have been looking for it on ebay with no luck. I was happy to find it on line at the JC outlet store for 29.00. I ordered a medium and pray it fits. This year I am more in love with florescent colors than ever and lucky for me they seem to hot this season. How ever I have always loved a shot of color like hot pink and or green or orange...Hence my Louis Vuitton denim messenger bag with electric lime green/yellow straps. I've started with this J Crew hot pink long sleeve tee. I don't know what it's name is because I got it my local J Crew store and I could not find it on the web site yet. It's a lot more florescent pink in person, sort of hurts your eyes! I want to wash it and let it fade in the sun a bit when the weather gets nicer.

Here it is with the Anne Taylor jacket.
gap jeans
my "mothers day" Betsy Johnson shoes

My future valentines day gift to me.
Kate Spade bag

kate spade bag , can't wait to see this in person!

I am loving the Kate Spade spring 2011 campaign! It makes me
happy just looking at it!

I just love this hat bag combo, it makes me think of a sunny vacation!
I have pre-orderd this Kate Spade "scout" bag in hot pink! I can't wait for it! Thanks santa for the gift card. Oh and I got 15% off too when you sign up for their email!

I just love a nude shoe and the tassels= instant love! Got to have a nutral shoe to go with all that pink!

Dolce Vita shoe 185.00 at saks

Saturday, January 15, 2011


These are my new Dior cat eye sunglasses! I have been wearing my Ray Bans for a few years now and needed a new look.

sense this post is about my obvious obsession with jackets why not add one more?
I am saving now for this Tory Burch tweed and sequin trim jacket! What? I don't have a tweed one!

The white J Crew eye lash tweed jacket and new glasses. Stupid pose.
Urban outfitter tee.

Bad picture of the J Crew tweed and sequin coat. Plaid with stripes? Not sure.

J Crew boucle coat with stripes?

Or hot coral?

Or hot pink tee.

Black J Crew eyelash tweed jacket.

Black on black

this is what I wore out the other day to go house hunting. I like this combo, I'll have to remember
jacket forever 21
sweater Aritiza
pants AE