Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Since I have nothing new to post today I decided to post what I wear out. That is when they let me out of my tower. I decided to wear only older items from my collection. I feel guilty when the shiny new things get all of the attention. And I prove to myself that these were good investments.

The oldest is the Stuwart Weitzman shoes. I bought them around '90 or '91 and they have been sitting in a box waiting for 3inch heels, pointy toes, and patent leather all to come back in fashion.Many times I went to sell these on ebay and just couldn't do it. It was one of my first big purchases of my late teen life. And now I am glad I didn't. I got so many compliments on these shoes.

The rest are just old J Crew items that prove over and over how the classics are always a safe bet. J Crew Lexington jacket, J Crew men's shirt, and J crew belt.

I added some "J Crew" sparkle by layering the Martha necklace over the crystal brule necklace.
Sorry this photo sucks.

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