Friday, October 21, 2011


I bought so many stripes in the last few weeks I had to split this post into two parts. And they are still coming in! American Apparel has a lot of stripe tees and sweaters right now. This sweater is one of my favorite! I love to wear it with a really chunky feminine crystal necklace. The J Crew crystal brulee necklace it a prime example and I, by the way, have ordered three of them when J Crew had the 25% off . I want all the colors they are Amazing!

I like to mix girly accessories to this sweater to keep it from looking too boyish or frumpy.

Bought this J Crew sweater when they had their big sweater sale. Wore it with my new J Crew
crystal brulee statement necklace! It's hard to see sorry not a good photographer.

sweater J Crew
necklace J Crew
shoes payless!

The American Apparel Saint James knock off shirt pared with Bebe tux blazer. I love my new Bebe tux Blazer I wanted to glam it down and I think it looks pretty good with a casual stripe. This would work well here in Oregon.

blazer Bebe
J Crew necklace
American Apparel shirt
payless shoes!

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