Saturday, April 9, 2011


I just love to see what Jenna Lyons wears. She has such simple but chic style I wish we got to see what she wears every day! I am so inspired by her and Melissa . I want this coat she is wearing! It gives her basic white shirt and jeans uniform a total punch! And I love that she's in her 40's and looks soo much cooler than most women in their teens or 20's.
Arm candy indeed! I love this bag! I can't resist a leopard print. This is different than anything I own so its at the top of my list.
This is my favorite look. I wish I could own this but I just know this is probably going to be one of those cashmere pop overs we saw last year for over a 1,000.00 bucks! And I have no where to wear those pants. Although next year I can get a part time job because both my children are going to be in school all day so ya never know...Lord knows I need to get out and talk to grown-ups for a few hours!

Love the leopard coat and a pastel paired with fall colors is a nice mix.
luv's me some tweed!

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