Thursday, March 17, 2011


I love Kate Hudson's Bohemian style. She proves that trends may come and go but chic hippies are always in style, will at least in my book they are. Her mix of boho and boyish are so wearable.

She continued to wear bell jeans in a sea of skinnies!

I love this effortless look!
Here's my best at channeling my inner Kate with my new Jens Pirate Booty prairie dress.

I need to make a slip to go under this as it is very sheer.

with my old American Apparel sweatshirt, gap belt and J Crew scarf.
I would wear this to sushi and a movie.

Here it is with the sleeves tucked in and a belt to hold it up. It's one size fits all so it's
a little bit big in the hips.

with my Balenciaga jacket and no belt so it hangs low.

Here it is with the sleeves. I like it both ways. I also love it with out a belt but I
will have to add a tie in the back to cinch it tighter.

I love this dress it makes ME feel like a bohemian princess! I want to
wear a daisy crown and get married on a hill top in this!

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