Monday, September 27, 2010


I am off to London for vacation this Friday and thought I might put some outfits together before I go. With that damn weight limit on luggage I have to make sure everything goes with every thing else. And to top it off I want to take everything! Not to mention the weather. I have a feeling it is similar to Oregon. One minute its raining and the next sunny and hot! Travel this time of year makes packing a little more tricky.Also I don't really know what I will be doing from one minuet to the next when I'm there. I want to look not too fancy for sight seeing but fancy enough to go out to dinner.

Oh and I am wearing a hat in these pics. because I am in desperate need of a haircut and color and I have no makeup on. I have been dieing to wear this J Crew skirt from last season. I tried it with my new The Shirt and a gap belt. I would wear this for a day of shopping. Not sure what shoes to wear for all that walking around? I want to wear heels but I know I won't last all day so I need a cute flat alternative to change into later in the day or three minuets after I'm out the door.
With my J Crew moto boots. I can only take one handbag and it must be big enough to carry extra layers, shoes, band-aids,umbrella ect...This one by Dolce and Gabbana is the most durable and water resistant of all my handbags.

with an American Apparel shirt and old sandals.

with my new furry vest by LaRok.

My new J Crew sequin sweatshirt( bought before my fashion diet) vintage levis, Calvin Klein shoes.

The Shirt, Loft pants, Cavin Klein shoes, Silpada necklace.

I bought this trench from Loft in June or July. I can never have to many variations of the trench coat. Especially at my age. If there is ever a place to wear a classic trench it's London.

For a more fashionista look I paired it with a very old J Crew hoodie that came with a real fur hood. The fur collar makes it look so much more expensive and glamours, no?

Next some wrinkle free packables. Elizabeth and James rayon slouchy blazer thingy, American Apparel shirt, Unknown Factory jeans, payless boots.

Or with a pair of Textile flare hippie jeans aka. Rachel Zoe.

Saturday, September 25, 2010


I had posted earlier about my Madewell fall wants. I received some yesterday and here is my review. This is the slip dress. It is very versatile and can go soo many ways! I love the floral print. I pared it with a big belt for a festival look.
Next with the new Madewell blazer.

And one more look although I could put so many more together, the J Crew army coat and vintage jean vest. I love this dress because of its endless possibilities and its versatile color palate but its flouncy hem, loose open fit is just too young for me.
So sad, it goes back.

Next I ordered the Madewell perfect chambray shirt. Love it! But its too big so I had to order an
extra small but this will be a keeper. I love the pale blue color and when you roll up the sleeves it has a slightly darker blue reverse. I ordered it to complete my Christene Centenera look.
Almost finished, just need to buy the Louis Vuitton scarf and some heels. I found a pair from Kate Spade that will look great!

Pared mine with some old J Crew satin peep toes. Wish they would make that shoe again!

I tried it with a pair of Loft khakis, J Crew mens belt and some loud print Betsy Johnson shoes for
a punch.

Friday, September 10, 2010


SO I have a total girl crush on Christine Centenera. I mean can you blame me? she has the most beautiful style! The type of style you have to be born with like Kate Moss or all those other fashion editors. I have to work at it. Find people who inspire me and help give me ideas on how to put all the clothes I own together.
I love this outfit she has on. It is a perfect example of that " oh this old thing? I just grabbed it off the floor and ran out the door." I always wonder how much time did she really put into this look?For me, it takes quite a bit of thought to look "not put together".
I plan on replicating this chic look and am now saving for her Louis Vuitton scarf.
I am also on a mad hunt for the super bleached skinny jeans which is not easy to find in stores right now.
I love the shoes too it really keeps the look from being to casual or sporty.
Her amazing Jacket is by Celine and even if I could afford the 4000.00 price tag its peachy color and boxy shape make it hard to pull off outside of the fashion world. But it is soo beautiful on her.
I just love the whole photograph. The soft blues and that pop of color from the Jacket, just perfect! photo by stockholmstreetstyle.

( Oh, on a side note I had my luggage tag monogrammed. I think it looks great! But my initials spell NO! Weird.)

I accidental found a leather jacket that would give a similar feel to the above look I am trying to replicate, but this one is in a more neutral nude color. It's from Aritiza and by Mackage and I got it on sale! I think it will be a bitch to keep clean though! I will start looking for a good
leather cleaner now...

I love the long zippers on the sleeve and the stand up collar.

My new favorite jewelery combination is J Crews crystal necklace mixed with a classic Tiffanys chain necklace.
Goodnight Boho chic, time for a winter nap.
Good morning rocker/military/sequin chic time to come out and play.

My feeble attempt to recreate one of those" street style" like photos. Pretending is fun?! oh well, my cat thought I was cool.
I tried to recreate the above look with stuff I have in my closet and my new LV sunrise.
I like the way it turned out. Basically it is just a blue monochromatic look. I discovered while looking through my closet I am missing the pale denim shirt too. I guess I need everything but
the jacket. Oh and I need the shoes too...damn.

"Oh I must hurry, I have to get to the next show!"
Can you see the thought bubble above my cats head? It says" what ARE you doing?"
Oh my, it looks like I need to trim the boxwood hedge again.

vintage flannel shit
J Crew belt
American Eagle jeans
Calvin Klein shoes
LV bag
Mackage coat