Friday, September 10, 2010


SO I have a total girl crush on Christine Centenera. I mean can you blame me? she has the most beautiful style! The type of style you have to be born with like Kate Moss or all those other fashion editors. I have to work at it. Find people who inspire me and help give me ideas on how to put all the clothes I own together.
I love this outfit she has on. It is a perfect example of that " oh this old thing? I just grabbed it off the floor and ran out the door." I always wonder how much time did she really put into this look?For me, it takes quite a bit of thought to look "not put together".
I plan on replicating this chic look and am now saving for her Louis Vuitton scarf.
I am also on a mad hunt for the super bleached skinny jeans which is not easy to find in stores right now.
I love the shoes too it really keeps the look from being to casual or sporty.
Her amazing Jacket is by Celine and even if I could afford the 4000.00 price tag its peachy color and boxy shape make it hard to pull off outside of the fashion world. But it is soo beautiful on her.
I just love the whole photograph. The soft blues and that pop of color from the Jacket, just perfect! photo by stockholmstreetstyle.

( Oh, on a side note I had my luggage tag monogrammed. I think it looks great! But my initials spell NO! Weird.)

I accidental found a leather jacket that would give a similar feel to the above look I am trying to replicate, but this one is in a more neutral nude color. It's from Aritiza and by Mackage and I got it on sale! I think it will be a bitch to keep clean though! I will start looking for a good
leather cleaner now...

I love the long zippers on the sleeve and the stand up collar.

My new favorite jewelery combination is J Crews crystal necklace mixed with a classic Tiffanys chain necklace.
Goodnight Boho chic, time for a winter nap.
Good morning rocker/military/sequin chic time to come out and play.

My feeble attempt to recreate one of those" street style" like photos. Pretending is fun?! oh well, my cat thought I was cool.
I tried to recreate the above look with stuff I have in my closet and my new LV sunrise.
I like the way it turned out. Basically it is just a blue monochromatic look. I discovered while looking through my closet I am missing the pale denim shirt too. I guess I need everything but
the jacket. Oh and I need the shoes too...damn.

"Oh I must hurry, I have to get to the next show!"
Can you see the thought bubble above my cats head? It says" what ARE you doing?"
Oh my, it looks like I need to trim the boxwood hedge again.

vintage flannel shit
J Crew belt
American Eagle jeans
Calvin Klein shoes
LV bag
Mackage coat

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