Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Why oh Why embarrass your self?

I decided to start a blog because I have enjoyed reading other fashion related blogs and it looked like fun to start my own. I get such inspiration from other people and how they put things from their own closets together, I thought "I could do that!" Although this feels soo self-centered and totally superficial to write all about me and what i like to wear and do. It's soo wrong but feels soo right!

I am a stay-at- home mom and I guess I need something to do that is not child or cleaning related. So here goes nothing. Besides no one is going to read this anyway!

Ok I love fashion and clothes. I read almost all the fashion mags and even the Europe versions. I am a total dork and have no idea if I have good style but I know what I like and I know what I enjoy reading about in other blogs. This blog has a good chance of sucking but who cares right! I've seen worse blogs out there and I will probably get board of this soon anyway.

Right now I am a rep. for Silpada sterling silver jewelry and you will be seeing a lot of this great stuff on me. It is really great jewelery and I love to mix it with all of my other jewelery.

I worked for Nordstroms for many years and I know a well made product.

I am currently obsessed with J crew and can't wait for the spring line to come out. No, really, I literally peed my pants when I saw the spring preview. Sequins and camo and diamonds ,Oh My!

Here are some picks from the last year to get started with. I made my husband take pics of my outfits on our travels. I know, total Dork!