Friday, August 26, 2011


I received the 3.1 Phillip Lim camel cropped coat and it is truly beautiful. So well made so many details very couture and well worth the money. But it was too boxy for what I was looking for and it's more outerwear than blazer which is what I was looking for.

I also pre-ordered the camel military jacket by Rachel Zoe and was going to cancel it but it shipped before I got around to it. To my surprise I loved this soo much! I even returned the Burberry moto jacket I got a the Nordstroms Anniversary sale as I could not afford both.
And besides I have so many leather motorcycle jacket I just couldn't warrant buying another one especially at that price. I don't have anything like this and I go nuts for the military look.

It's well made but not as fine as I would expect from a 525.00 jacket; it seems more like 350.00 to me.

In it's defence it has a superb fit and is made from a nice light weight wool. The color is a perfect camel and I can't get over the detail on the sleeve, soo gooood! It looks sort of Burberry Esq, no?Also, I had a bunch of nordstroms notes to knock down the price which sealed the deal.

Ultimately this was still not the classic camel blazer I have been looking for but won a spot in my collection none the less.


Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Every year I hit up the Nordstroms Anniversary sale for new fall finds.This year I only bought 3 things. Vince sweater coat, J brand waxed black cropped jeans and J Crew flats.
This sweater coat is soo cozy and this is my second pair of J brand waxed jeans. I love how these jeans look more like a trouser, sort of Audry Hepburn.

I also bought this Burberry knit and leather moto jacket. I just love it! But I probably won't keep it because I already have so many leather motorcycle jackets and I really love this Rachel Zoe camel military jacket too....and I can't afford to keep both.

paired the J brand pants with an old Abercrombie fisherman cardigan.

Got out some of my old dresses and realised they are a bit too short for my comfort level with out black tights. Tried it with the sweater and men's belt.

Abercrombie sweater

Kate Moss for Top shop dress

J Crew men's belt

Tory Burch clogs

Dior sunglasses

Monday, August 1, 2011


We all yearn for J Crews legendary Wool Oxford blazer circa 2007 and for the first time I think found a comparable solution to this and other items that have reached fashion myth status.

LUST J Crew has come out with some good blazers this season. No, we will no longer see the quality and style of years past with the exception of the "collection" pieces but at thousands of dollars you might as well buy designer!

The J Crew hacking jacket in midnight blue is as close as we're going to see to the Oxford. I would run as fast as you can to your local fabric store and get some awesome gold buttons to replace the lame ones this comes with. I have done this to blazers before and I swear it will make an enormous difference! DO IT!!


LUST This is from the fall Balenciaga 2007 show and the many die for blazers from this line were the inspiration for the Oxford blazer. Just go to and check out the fall 2007 Balenciaga rtw show and you will see what I mean.

I was sooo excited when I saw the J Crew Academy stripe schoolboy blazer. I have loved and seen many stripe prep blazers before but could not either afford them like the Balenciaga above or could not find them online. I had a gift card that had been burning a hole in my pocket waiting for a special item to use it on and this is it! It should be here next week, I hope I'm not disappointed.


Next is a dress from the Chloe fall 2008, still soo pretty. I realized J Crew had one with a similar feel to it.

J Crew floral Maisie dress.
This has a real basic shape but could be fixed up easily with a chunky men's leather belt or a great military jacket. I would love to own but it's really over priced for what it is and at nearly 400.00 I'll wait until it goes on super sale.


I am always looking for a good cape cod fisherman sweater.

J Crew's Fisherman's Henley caught my eye but I will have to see it in person before I get too excited.


MUST I also found some good ones that I may like even better than J Crew's.

These are from Abercrombie and Fitch but once again need to see them in person to see if the quality is any good.

They both have a very vintage, Marilyn Monroe feel to them.